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As one of the dynamic speakers of his time, Sam Jones has committed over a decade of his life to speaking on the power of a drug-free life enriched by Core Values and Life Skills. Though a music producer, Sam powerfully communicates the benefits of Life Skills such as time-management, self-assessment and self-worth. His message includes separation from one's negative past and embracing the skills and mindset needed to secure a successful future. 

Sam's ability to effectively communicate with today's youth, is a result of the insight he has gathered from years of working with youth-based organizations and schools.




Samuel’s core values stem from his Caribbean heritage/background: of hard work and serving others for the greater good. A father from Antigua and a mother from St. Kitts, Sam was born in the Bronx, New York. His decades-long story is one of a hands-on approach to continual learning.


At age ten, he was a drummer in his father's church, and was permitted to sit in on meetings his dad held with businessmen, educators, politicians and law enforcement.


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