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 Sam Jones 

Samuel’s core values stem from his Caribbean heritage/background: of hard work and serving others for the greater good. A father from Antigua and a mother from St. Kitts, Sam was born in the Bronx, New York. His decades-long story is one of a hands-on approach to continual learning. At age ten, he was a drummer in his father's church, and was permitted to sit in on meetings his dad held with businessmen, educators, politicians and law enforcement.


By age fourteen, Sam began to learn about organization and fundraising. As a result, he was able to obtain money needed to fund a local music group.


Over the years, Sam was mentored by his father's colleagues, who were Speakers, Professors and Accountants. Soon after, Sam's musical talents led him to mentors who were song-writers and music producers. He started a music production company and was passionate about helping new artists. He organized a music event entitled “Hit Music” that was judged by music industry professionals. At that event winners were awarded a music production deal from Sam’s company.


Later, following in his deceased father's philanthropic footsteps, Sam and his family formed the Dr. Isaiah Jones Memorial Foundation. Sam’s work with the foundation included assisting with fundraising and working with sponsors. Sam also helped to coordinate special charity events for children, seniors and the homeless.


At the age of twenty-five, Samuel combined his compassion for people with his love of music production and created a children's music program called “The Life Music Program”. This program utilized music as a creative approach to instilling core values and teaching life skills to children. Sam was determined to transform young minds around the world, by utilizing technology and practical learning applications. To that end, he formed a 501(c)3, non-profit organizations, named The Innovative Learning Society.  

Sam continues to spread his message on the power of core values, life skills and the rewards of creative thinking.

 Program Delivery 




  Samuel's  Program has been utilized by the following entities:

  • Children's Aid Society

  • Y.M.C.A

  • N.A.A.C.P Daycare

  • E.L.L.I.S Preparatory Academy 

  • Life Center Academy

  • B.C.C Summer Camp

  • Bronx Dale Tenant League Daycare Center

  • Sound Dale Daycare


Samuel expanded the program beyond school walls, by partnering with local companies and several Fortune 500 companies, particularly McDonald's, Subway and Virgin Records.


Samuel has received letters of support from the following organizations and politicians:

  • Children's Aid Society

  • Youth Services Devision

  • Wildlife Conservation Society via Future Leaders Program

  • Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Senior and Junior

  • New York Congressmen Joseph Crowley  

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