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 creative thinking 

Lifelong learning illuminate the path to creative thinking. Having an outlet for the things we learn is what drives further research, experiments and the advancement of knowledge. It is creative thinking that has placed men on the moon, airplanes in the sky and 1 billion people on a social media site named Facebook, now estimated at $350 billion dollars.


It is important to recognize that creative thinking is at it’s finest when guided by critical thinking. There must be checks and balances regarding our thoughts. Critical thinking help to monitor and evaluate creative thinking, creative process and the actuality of outcome.


People who think creatively view problems as an opportunity to discover, or devise a solution.  In the workforce, the creative colleague is the individual whom everyone seeks when there is a problem that cannot be solved by a standard course of action. This type of thinking adds immeasurable value to an individual’s prospects in life and career.

~ Sam Jones

Sam Jones' presentation on  Creative Thinking align 

with the attached

Common Core strands.

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Common Core
  • The Innovative Approach

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Problem Solving

  • Implementation

  • Maximizing Productivity

  • Practical Integration of Technology 


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Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

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