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Core Values

Core values can be perceived as the guiding system that select our words, shape our thoughts and governs our actions. Education alone will enhance the mind but not the behavior. It is core values that keep a lawyer honest, a CEO honorable and doctor trustworthy.


Core Values are best taught by being modeled. The endeavor to instill values will be successful, when students observe the continuous use of these values by their instructors. A school or company-wide roll-out of these principles may help to provide purposeful reinforcement and organic assimilation.


Many fortune 500 companies have core values and for good reason. It dictates how everyone from the CEO to the janitor should conduct themselves. More importantly these values convey principles which customers and others can expect from that business. Similarly, a student’s outward demonstration of core values will be clear

to each professor, employer and colleague they encounter.

~ Sam Jones

Common Core

Sam Jones' presentation on  Core Values align 

with the attached

Common Core strands.

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  • The power of Integrity

  • Empathy

  • Positive Influences

  • Ethical Behavior

  • Self-Assessment

  • Unyielding Diligence


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Core Values

Core Values

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