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Sam Jones is a public speaker and the creator of the Life Music Program.  This program uses music as a creative way to teach life skills and self-management skills to youth. ABOVE ALL, Sam is a talented music producer.  

He produces several genres of music including Hip hop, R&B and Pop .

Sam's skills have lead him to an interest in T.V. commercials, movie scoring and cartoon music production. As you'll soon find out below "Sam Got Music."

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She's Good_Distokid Cover.jpg
She's Good
1 NIght Distro.jpeg
1 Nightstand
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Ho'l On!_Distro.jpg
Hol'l On!
MAKE IT!_Distro.jpg
Make it!
"I have had many thoughts on the state of affairs regarding racial injustice. (wade), is simply the thought I expressed through music."
~ Sam Jones
The nurturing, love and education that a woman provides is to some extent the building block of civilization (in general), and it's the nucleus of every good man (in particular).
Women of color (all shades and ethnicities), are beyond deserving of our love, respect and fierce protection. "If She's good, we good!"
~ Sam Jones