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life skills

There are enumerable competencies which must be obtained by students. Educators world wide agree there are none as impactful as life skills. Certainly education is among the pinnacles of necessary components. However, having education in life, without and education on life, is much like owning a luxury vehicle and only having half of the owner’s manual.


Core Values are guiding principles that drive one’s thoughts, words, behavior and ultimately calibrate their view of life. Values will equipt students to make assessments, interact properly with others and approach future problems with a composure rooted in ethics.


Once core values are the lens through which student view life, their social and economical success will be established on a foundation of right-minded thinking.

~ Sam Jones

Sam Jones' presentation on  Life Skills align 

with the attached

Common Core strands.

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Common Core
Added Topics
  • Financial Literacy

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective Communication

  • Decision Making 

  • Time Management

  • Resilience

  • Self-Assessment

  • Attentive Listening


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Life Skills

Life Skills

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